Anne Primrose Hilton Garden of Remembrance


The Garden of Remembrance at Liverpool road Methodist Church was dedicated in March 2010 in the church grounds for the ashes of loved ones to be scattered. The Garden is set adjacent to the grassed area to the side of the church building and provides the opportunity to lay flowers and visit at appropriate times.

Ashes are usually placed into the ground during a short service. A small plaque may also be placed in the garden to remember the name of a loved one. Many people also choose to place a shrub or plant around the area where their loved ones ashes have been placed.

As the Garden of Remembrance is not consecrated ground we are unfortunately unable to bury caskets. Ashes are placed into the ground using a brass scatterer.

The amount of time between the cremation and ashes being scattered is a very personal thing and is different in every situation. Usually it is done in the period between a month and a year following cremation, but there is no hard and fast rule.

There is no set charge for the service or the burial of the ashes although a contribution towards church funds would be gratefully received.

However if you require a marker stone and/or a plant to be placed in the ground a fee of £25, in addition to the purchase cost, will be charged.

Notice of Remembrance
A framed notice listing those whose ashes are buried is displayed within the church building. The name of your loved one can be added to this if so desired. The simple details record the name and lifespan of the loved one.

If you have any queries or require further assistance please contact the Circuit office on Tel 01704 562697
For more details on the Garden of Remembrance please contact Revd Patrick Evans on 01704 571798

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