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The following are in addition to the 'Weekly Programme'.

If you require any further information, please e-mail us at


Verse for the week:

Jesus said, "When the Counsellor comes, whom I will send to you from the Father, the Spirit of truth who goes out from the Father, he will testify about me."

1 John Ch 15: v 26




SUNDAY 27 MAY 2018

10.45am. Revd Patrick Evans
6.30pm. Revd Michael Ogwuche

Lectionary Readings:
Isaiah Ch 6: v 1-8 (P 690)
Psalm 29 (P 558) Romans Ch 8: v 12-17 (P 1134)
John Ch 3: v 1-17 (P 1065)

Flowers: Mr & Mrs B Capper


CRECHE during the service. Toys are available in the vestibule for our younger congregation, and as the service is relayed in that area,

parents and friends need not feel excluded. Beginners (3-5) and Primary (5-7) meet in their own room.
Prayer ministry is available in the Prayer Room after morning worship


7.00pm. Prayer Meeting. ) Both at 16 Ashton Road.
7.45am. Bible Study. )


MESSAGE FROM WESLEY GUILD We had a speaker from the Mission Aviation Fellowship (MAF) a few weeks ago. They raise money for the organisation by collecting postcards. They don't have to be special postcards, any will do, either written or unused. They are able to sell them and, apparently, they make a considerable amount of money from them. There is a box in the vestibule if you wish to donate any unwanted used or unused postcards



9.15 am. Iona Worship.


SPIRITUALITY FOR CHANGE- a day for the spiritually curious. Saturday 9 June in Maghull.
Interesting programme. See poster on notice board for booking details.


WHOLLY, HOLEY, HOLY, ENGAGING EVERYONE IN WORSHIP 22 September at Maghull Methodist Church starting at 9.30am. See poster in vestibule for more information and booking details.


As part of the NHS 70 celebration I have been asked to lead a couple of service at the hospital to mark the occasion (5th July).
I am looking for stories from people for whom the NHS has been a significant part of their life, either because they have worked for the NHS, or they have been particularly helped. The stories can be about anything from the changes the NHS has made over the years, or to them personally.
I would not be looking for people to come and tell their story (unless they wanted to) but to have a paragraph to two I could read out.


SONFEST 14 JULY in King's Gardens. Volunteers required. If you feel that you could help please visit


FOOD BANK Items in short supply at the moment are fruit juice, cordials, tins of tomatoes and jars of pasta sauce.

***************************************************************************************************************************************************************"NINE FASHION SHOW Moor Lane Methodist Church, Crosby. 7.00pm, on Saturday 9 June. Tickets £7- booking essential. In aid of Wirral Women's & Children's Aid.



PRAYER BOARD This is in the vestibule and you are invited to add prayer requests, which will be prayed about during the week.

As well as the prayer meetings held within our own church, there are other opportunities in Southport to meet with others for prayer.

METHODIST CIRCUIT PRAYER MEETINGS There are bookmarks at the back of church showing times and dates of prayer meetings.

Please take one.